Goodboy x The Collective

Goodboy x The Collective Boho Feathers Set

$36 $45

Social distance, but make it fun with our matching mask and bandana sets! Each set features a reusable mask for you and a matching bandana for your dog.

Our Boho Feathers Set is an instant eye-catcher for all the right reasons. Soft pastel feathers creates a charming statement that never goes out of style for you and your pup.

Bandana Size guide

Small: neck up to 15”/ 22.5" across

Large: neck up to 25”/ 31” across

More Information

Our quality mask is created with machine-washable combed cotton.
Durable outer layer
Gentle and breathable combed-cotton inner later
Additional slot to insert filter
Adjustable ear loops
Secure fit with 3D chin design & flexible nose clips

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