MozoMozo Buru-Kuma Leash


September 2021, the Kumas were cloned and later attacked. There was absolutely nothing we could do especially since we are a small business with limited resources. We sat by and watched ugly behaviour unfold everyday, witnessing years of hard work get trampled on repeatedly. It wasn't nice and it was a really sad time.

We were however incredibly blessed with so many of you. You bravely put up a fight for us, for the fam. You spoke to us every single day. You stood by us. You pushed us and told us bad days will pass. You gave us strength. You taught us resilience. At our lowest, you created the comfort of Buru-Kuma and taught us that it's okay not to be okay. 

Dear friend, don't be so hard on yourself. A bad day does not equate to a bad life. Be soft, cry, be upset, sulk, be blue, vulnerable, and sensitive. You are doing okay. Buru will always be here for you.  💙 💙


  • Original custom MOZOMOZO もぞもぞ design
  • 👋Handmade, assembled with love
  • Fully adjustable
  • Soft polyester and neoprene
  • Metal (iron) ID ring for identity tags 
  • Sturdy metal (iron) D ring for lead attachment
  • Matching adjustable harness available

Size Guide

One size: Length (est) 150 - 152cm | Width 2cm 

More Information

Cold hand wash and hang to naturally dry

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