The Collective brings together specially-selected luxury items from a range of international brands. We believe that both you and your pets deserve the very best, so that’s what we offer. Each piece in our collection is selected to bring joy to you and your faithful companion.

Our curated collection includes only the best from a range of high-quality international brands, such as MozoMozo, Linécru, and Harlow Harry. Whether you are looking for a bow tie for your cat, a fancy leash for your dog, or a tote bag with your favourite rabbit breed on, you’re sure to find something you and your little companion will love.

The Collective is exactly what our name suggests: we are like-minded individuals bound together by a love of animals, and we want to love yours too. We want to get to know you and your animal friends, and can’t wait to meet you, either on social media or at pet-centric events. Our joy comes from seeing and encouraging the special bond between animals and people, so please reach out and let’s keep in touch.