The Collective

The Collective Dachshund Candle | Peppermint + Orange


A lively blend of fierce loyalty and love.

Our Dachshund fragrance has a big personality that fills the whole room, with cool, crisp peppermint notes and a soothing sweet orange scent. This brave blend packs a refreshing punch wherever it drifts. A zesty awakening if you ask us.

Light this candle on sunny days for that extra cheer. The peppermint notes are also great for fighting fatigue and clearing your airways. 

Our candles are crafted in small batches, using only natural ingredients and therapeutic grade essential oils.

More Information

Store in cool, dry place and avoid sunlight
Size: 180 ml
35 hours burn time

How to use

Light the candles to brighten up big and small spaces. To ensure your candle lasts long, trim the candle wick to  ¼” before each new burn or once the candle has cooled. Always keep the wick centred. Allow the wax to melt to the edges of the jar during each burn, before putting out the flame.

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